Happy Holidays!


Here are some holiday posts from friends’ blogs that made us think, laugh, remember, wonder and sigh.

Gene Lempp casts a historical perspective on the season in his Festival of Humanity

Elena Aiken’s post will get anybody fa-la-la-ing

Coleen Patrick offers Chanukah cheer

Marcy Kennedy asks: What if Santa were real?

And one from Alicia –

Is He Listening?

by Roy Street

Writing books that are read primarily by women isn’t always easy when you’re a guy with an alpha male ego. It’s a little like sneaking into the Women’s locker room in drag, then revealing your true identity with a limp smile. Notice I said limp smile.

Truth is, I like observing women. Uh, yeah. What guy doesn’t? But what I mean is as a writer I find them entertaining, especially the way they talk.

Deborah Tannen, the arch guru of male-female communication, says that women use conversation as a means of gaining closesness and connection, but for men talking is about negotiating status.

Status, huh? Is that true?

So I asked myself — what is being male actually about? What deep concerns weigh most heavily in the back of our minds?

I embarked on what would become a long, tireless journey that took me from the hottest nightclubs of Manhattan to the transcendent mountains of Tibet. Based on intense research and ancient translations dating back thousands of years I was determined to find some link within the cultural gene pool of early man and those of today.

Years later, my quest completed, I engraved my findings onto a clay tablet in a tribute to the Sumerian goddess of love and prosperity. If you were to clasp that tablet in your hands, these are the words you’d gaze upon . . .

Am I boinking enough booty? Am I kicking ass?

Oh, well . . .

Got an opinion on the subject?

I want to hear it.

What Makes You Dance?

by Alicia Street

Even if you’ve got two left feet, you can’t deny that we all have moments when we feel like doing a Happy dance, a Cranky dance, or an I Wanna Kill That Jerk dance.

Or maybe the all too familiar Get Me Outta This Chair So I Can Remember What It Feels Like To Move My Body dance. Yeah, that one.

Sometimes when I work at the computer for too long my brain starts interrupting my train of thought with images of myself flying over treetops, running down a street or leaping across a stage.

We humans are not meant to be sedentary. In fact, a recent study scared the bananas out of many people because its findings said that even if you exercise an hour a day, if you sit the rest of the time you’re aging yourself prematurely.

But being one of those artsy sorts, what really gets me is the emotional need for expressive movement. Not just the old fight or flight catecholamine producing drive, but a more magical, shamanistic inner urge that’s been in our bones for a few thousand years. The kind that made dance a form of ritual as old as cave paintings, maybe older.

Are you always conscious of your body when it wants to move? And how do you handle it?

Here are some videos to get you in the mood.

To celebrate the launch of our Dance ‘n’ Luv romantic comedy series, we’ll be giving away an ebook of KISS ME, DANCER! If you’d like your name put into the hat for our random drawing, just drop us an email at the address on our contact page.

Roy’s Top Ten Reasons For Not Putting Up A Blog Post Today

10. A body was found in my office and my keyboard is being dusted for prints.

9. The British tabloids hacked into my files and discovered my secret life as a plant.

8.  Need to rest my fingers for tonight’s Brahms recital.

7. The eight hundred pound gorilla in the room turned out to be real.

6. Can’t blog and steer my Segway Transporter at the same time.

5. That darn intestinal virus knocked all the blog clear out of me.

4. Can’t type because I lost my thumb after a bad day at the petting zoo.

3. Just can’t pull myself away from Real Housewives of Orange County.

2. Got sidetracked by my love for Tempur-Pedic.

1. Witness Protection called to apologize for giving my address to some biker with a nail gun.

Alicia will be back with a real blog later this week. Meanwhile, you can check out our other pages, join in Samantha’s Scavenger Hunt, find interesting authors featured with us at Women’s Literary Café or load up on some 99 cent books from the Booklover’s Buffet.