The Fountain Of Youth

When I think of the times I flipped the bird in traffic, farted to impress friends, peed in flower pots, argued over sports till I had to be restrained, made up highly imaginative streams of bs to impress attractive women, hogged the samples table at Whole Foods, scrambled for parking spaces at Trader Joe’s nearly causing an accident then blaming it on the other guy and refused to share whenever I eat Chinese, I realize one thing . . .

Maybe it’s time to become a mature individual.

But then I stop myself and think what that means . . .

Holding back my anger. Bad for the heart.

Holding back my gas and water. Bad for the intestinal tract.

Holding back my need for public acceptance. Bad for the ego and adversely affecting the body’s autoimmune system.

Holding back on my urges to eat on impulse. Starving the cells of much needed proteins. Giving up my space and handing over my sustenance in the name of sharing, thereby denying my rudimentary survival needs and sending my body into a complete decline.

Face it. It’s all a bunch of responsibilities. And with responsibility comes stress and we all know the effects stress has on the body . . .

It ages you!

Yes, maturity could be the leading cause of aging.

So, what do you say?

Preserve your youth by being a total a–hole? Or become a decent, responsible adult with wrinkles.

— Roy

Six Sentence Sunday

A clinical study found that an effective way to sexually arouse a man is to waft the smell of pumpkin pie under his nose. I guess that means Thanksgiving should be declared National Erection Day. Call me old fashioned, but I’d sooner splash on Miss Dior than smear pie filling over my navel. Gwendolyn Applebee, my close friend since childhood, always said the olfactory sense was our most powerful medium, especially when it came to sex or danger.

I discovered she was right. The hard way.

It took me six weeks after her suicide to suspect she’d been murdered. Here’s the fun part: Gwen left me holding the bag.

— excerpt from APHRODISIAC  (Okay. So it’s  more than six sentences. Big deal. — Roy)

Sharing Cyber-coffee

One of the things I love about online communities is that you can share coffee with someone who lives hundreds of miles away, or maybe thousands, or even on the other side of the planet.

Okay, maybe we can’t actually share the coffee, but we can share our thoughts and ideas and experiences. We take it for granted because we do it every day, but when Roy and I get an email or a FB message from someone in Malaysia or India who likes our books, or when I talk craft ideas with authors in Australia and Belgium, it still thrills me to think people around the globe can form bonds in this way.

What got me thinking about this was the release of WINTER WONDERLAND, the first in a series of WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies, produced by two of my fave online girlfriends, D.D. Scott and Tonya Kappes, whose drive, creativity and generosity of spirit have drawn together an international community of writers at their WG2E grog.
















Have you got friends across the planet who seem as if they live next door?

To celebrate the anthology release I want to share this amazing video by Kien Lam. (which I discovered on Sophia Chang’s blog)