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In celebration of upcoming Valentine’s Day we are participating in August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman Blogfest.

People love to philosophize about how inner beauty is all that counts, but let’s get real. Studies have shown that good looking people get more jobs, higher tips, better service and of course more social invitations. Plus we live in a society that worships celebrities and forces us to look at their beautiful faces everywhere we go. Who can even buy a quart of milk without seeing the latest on Angelina and Brad?

And who wants to be completely immune to it? Physical attraction is definitely one of the fun things in life. No wonder people envy those who are beautiful.

Especially when girls growing up as ugly ducklings can face such awful times in high school that they never quite get over it.

That was our underlying theme in APHRODISIAC, a rom-com mystery featuring a female sleuth who is short, round, and never outgrew the horrendous nickname of “munchkin.” Her best friend throughout childhood was a skinny geek dubbed “scarecrow.” The geek grows up to be an archaeobotanist and recreates an ancient perfume that can give her all the allure and attraction she missed out on.

Point being, beneath the crime-comedy adventure, the heroine, like the rest of us, has to decide what beauty is worth. And to realize that the narrow parameters of our society’s definition of beauty are arbitrary ideas that have nothing to do with what it really is.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and qualities. It is a changeable, mysterious, and perhaps even a mystical thing that we each have to discover for ourselves. It’s not easy to do with all the messages hammering at us from the outside world. But if we persist, we might just be able to shut them out long enough to hear the quiet voice of wisdom telling us that beauty isn’t about faces or figures or clothes, but about heart.

Stop by August’s blog Friday to read all the amazing posts on this subject—and for a chance to win prizes.

We’re also one of the stops on the Romancing The Valentine Blog Hop. So be sure to check out our Meet Cute post for info on giveaways for that.

14 thoughts on “Beauty of a Woman Blogfest

  1. Thanks for bringing up some practical, spot on points, Alicia! Physical attraction and attractiveness are valuable…and you’re so right about the ever-changing and mystic nature of beauty we discover within ourselves.

    • Thanks, August. Your blogfest was a wonderful idea. I’ve just begun to search around for the other posts and I’m already blown away by those I’ve seen so far. It’ll be great to have them all in one place on your blog tomorrow!

  2. Alicia, thanks for dealing with society’s objective judgement of appearance = value in such a positive, affirming way. We all have to live in the world with what assets we’ve been given, but heart is the most important. Every now and then, we need to be reminded.

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  4. Love this Alicia. What’s interesting is that for people who are very active and quite focused on health and fitness and have achieved bodies in which they are happy … they still aren’t immune to feeling less beautiful. It still comes from the heart and soul!

  5. You tackle such great themes in your books and posts, Alicia. Gad, I used to do ethnobotany. Found it horribly boring. I might have to pick that one up to see what I missed!

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