Spring Breaks

by Alicia Street

What’s real and what isn’t? Hard to know sometimes.

Especially when you’re a teen and being hit with a constant onslaught of new experiences. Like having an intense crush on the perfect guy, only to find out he’s a jerk. Or maybe realizing someone you took for granted is much more than they seem. Or that you are much more than you seem. Maybe discovering you’re really good at something you were afraid to try. Or learning secrets about your own history or that you have powers you never dreamed of. 

Okay, so we’re getting a little paranormal here. But I think grasping the paranormal is not such a stretch for people who are breaking away from the encapsuled world of their parents and braving uncharted territories, making choices that might determine a life path, and facing monumental firsts.


Today I wanted to highlight the YA short story anthology Eternal Spring that explores new beginnings. The stories run the gamut from contemporary to historical to mystery and paranormal. The story I contributed—”Sometime” —is a prequel to a novel that will be coming out this summer.  The e-book version of the anthology is free to download now. There is also a print version (not free). 


In the meantime, what about you? Can you remember one of your monumental firsts or a revelation that totally turned your head around? 

“Fun, fresh and imaginative, these thirteen tales will delight readers of all ages. A breath of fresh air for the YA world.” – Mari Mancusi, award-winning author of the Blood Coven Vampire series.

“Readers will fall in love with this diverse and exciting collection of stories by current and future YA fiction stars.” – Maureen McGowan, author of Deviants, Book One of The Dust Chronicles


22 thoughts on “Spring Breaks

  1. Hi Alicia! Thanks for letting us know about the anthology. Just got my copy. I remember the first time I got a B. I was in high school and I was so traumatized. Yes. I’m a dork. LOL

  2. Interesting question Alicia! I remember my first day at high school. My family and I had just moved and I knew no one. So it was quite tramatic for me. Must have been because I still remember it. Funny.

    Glad to read your post! Say hi to Roy! 🙂

  3. I remember numerous moments when I realized Mr. Seems-Right, seemed wrong. Thank goodness for those moments. Without them, I’d likely be miserable and in a mediocre or damaging relationship. Thought-provoking post!

  4. Like Louise, I didn’t have any until I left school and entered the big wide world. I would say meeting my husband for the first time. He was sitting at my desk at work. I’d been in London on a course and wasn’t at all happy to find a stranger sitting there looking all relaxed, long legs stretched out as if he belonged! Words were exchanged (I had terrible PMS – that’s my excuse – I believe I growled.) And he moved himself FAST.

    Two weeks later he asked me to marry him. And six months later I did. True story.

    Great post and I’ve downloaded the story. Good Luck and love to Roy.

  5. This sounds like a great book for all ages! Okay maybe not for a three-year-old. (too much virtual champagne) Congrats on your books!
    Thanks for coming to the party and sharing this!

  6. I remember when my Mr. Always went off to Stanford and I still had a year of high school left. I helped him pack his car and watched him drive away then proceeded to cry and almost anything all day long. Never wanted to get that close to a guy again. LOL.

    This sounds like something I need to check out. 😉

  7. Thanks for the ebook, Alicia. Probably the biggest revelation for me was when I was a teenager and I realised my parents don’t actually know everything!

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