Sixteen Authors Dancing! (Or Not)

The Beach Book Blast party has begun! From August 15-18 sixteen authors from the WG2E Street Team celebrate the launch of newly released books, including our Dance ‘n’ Luv Book #2 TOUCH ME AND TANGO.

 There’s a Facebook party Thursday August 16 from 8-11pm Eastern Time. We’ll have prizes there and plenty of cyber-dancing. 🙂

 At the main Beach Book Blast site you can enter to win a Kindle Fire and lots of other fun prizes, as well as discovering a new-to-you author. Plus we’ll be hanging out on our twitter stream all week at #BeachBookBlast

 The WG2E Street Team is a friendly group of authors and after Rhonda Hopkins asked everyone about their favorite childhood reads, and then decided to do a series of one-question interviews on her blog, other authors began tossing in questions for their own blog posts.

 Of course ours had to be . . . do you dance?

  •  Sheila Seabrook – I love to dance rock & roll but my husband only dances to country music. So when we go out, we have a rule: Every third dance, no matter what kind of music is playing, we get on the dance floor and enjoy ourselves.
  • Lizzie Starr – Do I dance… I love to dance. Now, the question should be, can I dance. Ah, I’m so right-left confused, it ain’t easy. I truly believe I was a dancer in another life, though. And in my dreams I’d dance with Gene Kelly. Anytime. Anywhere. Or maybe Twitch. Yep, I’d dance with him, too.
  • Natalie G. Owens – When I was younger, I danced every weekend, and on summer nights, every day. I’d go to clubs and lose myself in the music. Later, in my mid-twenties, I took lessons in Argentinian tango. This is such a sad but beautiful and meaningful dance. Then, I moved to America and I stopped learning. However, I love to dance. Dancing is an expression of happiness. Music is a big part of our lives today and I often find myself dancing with my three-year-old son, who also can’t resist the rhythm and beat :).
  • Dale Amidei – I have in the past practiced martial arts, which in some styles share the kinesthetic principles of dance. The joy of movement in the Asian traditions is thought to accentuate the flow of vital energy through the body. It is an expression of living, and so the practice brings peace.
  • Tamara Ward – I wish I danced! Mostly I dance in private when a song with a good beat catches me in the mood, but it’s not pretty. If someone were to secretly videotape me, the embarrassing footage would go viral, I’m certain of it. I like to slow dance with my husband, but since he’s super shy, I sadly have to beg him to dance with me. Sometimes, when the credits are rolling after we watch a movie at home, I’ll get him off the couch to sway with me in time to the music. With two young boys, turning up the music and encouraging wild dancing is just the thing to burn off some of their energy. My three-year-old has a move where he plants his palms on the ground and kicks his little, fat feet in the air like he’s a bucking bronco or something. I think he got that move from his older brother! 
  • Christina Routon – Not in public 🙂 I do love Zumba classes. They have a lot of salsa and belly dancing moves, depending on the instructor. I would love to take some type of dance lessons, either salsa or ballroom dancing or line dancing. I would most likely dance with my husband. Hearing a great song and being happy makes me want to dance.
  • L.C. Giroux – I took Ballet for years, when puberty hit me hard (34DDD anyone?) I switched to Modern Jazz. I loved clubbing in my 20’s and could spend the whole night dancing. Of course I married a man that will not dance under any circumstances so that curtails shaking my groove thang. If I had it to do all over again I’d do Hip Hop in a second. I tried to interest the daughter in dance and she balked quick -darn kid takes after her father! Which means she’s smart as whip so I can’t complain too much.
  •  Stacey Joy Netzel – I wish I could dance, but I’ve got two major problems. 1. I have absolutely NO rhythm and can’t hold a beat for nothing and 2. I’m too self-conscious of what an idiot I’ll look like with no rhythm to venture onto a dance floor—unless it’s a slow song that only involves swaying and feet shuffling.  My hubby isn’t too keen on dancing, so I don’t normally feel like I’m missing out on anything. There is one exception…I will dance with my kids at weddings and then I don’t give a hoot what I look like as long as they’re smiling up at me. I do enjoy watching dance though—especially Dancing With The Stars.
  • Janice Lane Palko – I love to dance–not saying how good I am at it!  I was a teenager in the 70s so I’m from the “free form” school, where you just drape yourself over your partner and sway.  In another lifetime, I’d love to be a ballroom dancer.  When my daughter was getting married, we took lessons.  We should have started when she was born.  We were dance challenged to say the least.  My favorite dance is the Tango.  Wish I could do it well. 
  •  Other authors involved in the Beach Book Blast – D.D. Scott, Debra Burroughs, Liz Jasper, Greg Carrico, Kristine Cayne, Kiru Taye, Liz Matis, Lily Silver

 How about you? Do you dance?                                                                                       

13 thoughts on “Sixteen Authors Dancing! (Or Not)

  1. I love music. And I wish I could dance. I have absolutely no rhythm and am way too self-conscious. But I do turn the music up and boogie at home when no one’s watching. 🙂

    Thanks for the mention and the link to my blog. Good luck with the new releases everyone!

  2. I’m a horrible dancer. My husband who passed away eleven years ago yesterday couldn’t dance either, but he was the best. I like to sing, but I do better with that when I’m in the shower. i do it anyway, though. I don’t care.

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