Want a Blind Date?

BookDate2Have you ever had a blind date? Growing up as the youngest in a family with four daughters, I was always being set up with some guy I’d never met. And even when it was a just some dude one of my sisters wanted to get rid, I found them interesting. I like to encounter new people.

And I’m the same way with authors. Sure, I’ve read the stats about readers preferring the tried-and-true and being reluctant to buy an unknown writer. Not me. I get an adrenaline rush when I get a chance to explore new voices, new characters, new worlds. What if you told someone what kind of book you liked and they set you up with a free one that might just knock your socks off? 

That’s how it works at the VALENTINE’S DAY BOOK DATE GIVEAWAY

It’s a fun event that Fantasy author Samantha Warren started among author friends in our WANA network, and the range of authors is exciting. Romance in several genres by C.C. MacKenzie, Sheila Seabrook, Karla Darcy, Kristy K. James, and us. 🙂 Paranormal horror by Jennifer Oliver. Children’s fiction by Lynn Kelley. Mystery/suspense by Diane Capri, Shannon Esposito, August McLaughlin, and Stacy Green. And about fifteen more authors. 

Here’s how it works! Just post a comment on the FB event with your email address (or just tell us to message you if you don’t like posting your email), tell us your favorite genres, what you absolutely would NOT want to read, and your preferred ebook format.

Then on Valentine’s Day, you’ll get an email from one of us with your “blind date.” Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love!